2024 VizWiz Grand Challenge Workshop


Our goal for this workshop is to educate researchers about the technological needs of people with vision impairments while empowering researchers to improve algorithms to meet these needs. A key component of this event will be to track progress on six dataset challenges, where the tasks are to answer visual questions, ground answers, recognize visual questions with multiple answer groundings, recognize objects in few-shot learning scenarios, locate objects in few-shot learning scenarios, and classify images in a zero-shot setting. The second key component of this event will be a discussion about current research and application issues, including invited speakers from both academia and industry who will share their experiences in building today’s state-­of-the-­art assistive technologies as well as designing next-generation tools.

Important Dates

  • Thursday, January 11: challenge submissions announced
  • Friday, January 12 [9:00 AM Central Standard Time]: challenges go live
  • Friday, May 3 [9:00 AM Central Standard Time]: challenge submissions due
  • Friday, May 10 [9:00 AM Central Standard Time]: extended abstracts due
  • Friday, May 17 [5:59 PM Central Standard Time]: notification to authors about decisions for extended abstracts
  • Tuesday, June 18: Half-day workshop


We invite two types of submissions:

Challenge Submissions

We invite submissions about algorithms for the following six challenge tasks: visual question answering, answer grounding, single answer grounding recognition, few-shot video object recognition, few-shot private object localization, and zero-shot image classification. We accept submissions for algorithms that are not published, currently under review, and already published.

The teams with the top-performing submissions will be invited to give short talks during the workshop.

Extended Abstracts

We invite submissions of extended abstracts on topics related to all challenge tasks as well as assistive technologies for people with visual impairments. Papers must be at most two pages (with references) and follow the CVPR formatting guidelines using the provided author kit. Reviewing will be single-blind and accepted papers will be presented as posters. We will accept submissions on work that is not published, currently under review, and already published. There will be no proceedings. Please send your extended abstracts to workshop@vizwiz.org.

Please note that we will require all camera-ready content to be accessible via a screen reader. Given that making accessible PDFs and presentations may be a new process for some authors, we will host training sessions beforehand to both educate and assist all authors to succeed in making their content accessible.

Challenge Results

  • Visual Question Answering
    1st place: SLCV from Shopline AI Research (Baojun Li, Jiamian Huang, and Tao Liu)
    2nd place: v1olet
    3rd place: KNU-HomerunBall
  • Visual Question Answering Grounding
    1st place: MGTV from Mango TV (Kang Zhang, Yi Yu, Shien Song, Haibo Lu, Jie Yang, Yangke Huang and Hongrui Jin)
    2nd place: ByteDo
    3rd place: UD VIMS Lab
  • VQA-AnswerTherapy
    1st place: MGTV from Mango TV (Yi Yu, Kang Zhang, Shien Song, Haibo Lu, Jie Yang, Yangke Huang, Hongrui Jin)
    2nd place: SLCV
    3rd place: SIAI
    1st place: ECO AI from SK Ecoplan, Korea (Hyunhak Shin, Yongkeun Yun, Dohyung Kim, Jihoon Seo, and Kyusam Oh)
  • BIV-Priv
    1st place: tele-ai-a from China Telecom Artificial Intelligence Technology (Beijing) Co. and Xi’an Jiaotong University (Rongbao Han, Zihao Guo, Jin Wang, Tianyuan Song, Hao Yang, Jinglin Yang, and Hao Sun)
    2nd place: ByteDo
  • Zero-Shot VizWiz-Classification
    1st place: HBNUE from Hanbat National University (Huiwon Gwon, Sunhee Jo, Hyejeong Jo, and Chanho Jung)
    2nd place: DoubleZW
    3rd place: TeleCVG



Summit 435, Seattle Convention Center [map]
Address: 900 Pine Street Seattle, WA 98101-2310


  • 8:00-8:15 am: Opening remarks
  • 8:15-8:30 am: Overview of three challenges related to VQA (VQA, Answer Grounding, Single Answer Grounding Recognition), winner announcements, and talks by challenge winners
  • 8:30-9:00 am: Invited talk and Q&A with computer vision researcher (Soravit Beer Changpinyo)
    • Talk title: “Toward Vision and Richer Language(s)”
  • 9:00-9:30 am: Invited talk and Q&A with OpenAI representatives (Raul Puri and Rowan Zellers)
    • Talk title: “Challenges in Deploying Omnimodels and Assistive Technology: Where we are and what’s next?”
  • 9:30-9:45 am: Poster spotlight talks
  • 9:45-10:30 am: Poster session (at Arch Building Exhibit Hall) and break
  • 10:30-10:45 am: Overview of three zero-shot and few-shot learning challenges (few-shot video object recognition, few-shot private object localization, zero-shot classification), winner announcements, and talk by challenge winner
  • 10:45-11:15 am: Invited talk and Q&A with blind comedian and writer (Brian Fischler)
    • Talk title: “Will Computer Vision and A.I. Revolutionize the Web for People Who Are Blind?”
  • 11:15-11:45 am: Invited talk and Q&A with linguistics expert, Elisa Kreiss
    • Talk title: “How Communicative Principles (Should) Shape Human-Centered AI for Nonvisual Accessibility”
  • 11:45-12:15 pm: Open Q&A panel with five invited speakers
  • 12:15-12:20 pm: Closing remarks

Invited Speakers and Panelists:

Head shot of Soravit Beer Changpinyo, Software Engineer at Google Research

Soravit Beer Changpinyo
Software Engineer
Google Research

Head shot of Rowan Zellers, Deep Learning researcher of OpenAI

Rowan Zellers

Head shot of Brian Fischler, Host and Producer of That Real Blind Tech Show

Brian Fischler
That Real Blind Tech Show

Head shot of Elisa Kreiss, Assistant Professor of UCLA

Elisa Kreiss
Assistant Professor

Head shot of Raul Puri, Deep Learning researcher of OpenAI

Raul Puri
Deep Learning Researcher

Poster List

  • Integrating Query-aware Segmentation and Cross-Attention for Robust VQA
    Wonjun Choi, Sangbeom Lee, Seungyeon Lee, Heechul Jung, and Dong-Gyu Lee
  • Leveraging Large Vision-Language Models for Visual Question Answering in VizWiz Grand Challenge
    Bao-Hiep Le , Trong-Hieu Nguyen-Mau, Dang-Khoa Nguyen-Vu , Vinh-Phat Ho-Ngoc , Hai-Dang Nguyen , and Minh-Triet Tran
  • Visual Question Answering with Multimodal Learning for VizWiz-VQA
    Heegwang Kim, Chanyeong Park, Junbo Jang, Jiyoon Lee, Jaehong Yoon, and Joonki Paik
  • Shifted Reality: Navigating Altered Visual Inputs with Multimodal LLMs
    Yuvanshu Agarwal, and Peya Mowar
  • The Manga Whisperer: Making Comics Accessible to Everyone
    Ragav Sachdeva, and Andrew Zisserman
  • Vision-Language Model-based PolyFormer for Recognizing Visual Questions with Multiple Answer Groundings
    Dai Quoc Tran, Armstrong Aboaj, Yuntae Jeon, Minsoo Park, and Seunghee Park
  • Technical Report for CVPR 2024 VizWiz Challenge Track 1-Predict Answer to a Visual Question
    Jinming Chai, Qin Ma, Kexin Zhang, Zhongjian Huang, Licheng Jiao, and Xu Liu
  • Refining Pseudo Labels for Robust Test Time Adaptation
    Huiwon Gwon, Sunhee Jo, Heajeong Jo, and Chanho Jung
  • A Zero-Shot Classification Method Based on Image Enhancement and Multimodal Model Fusion
    Jiamin Cao, Lingqi Wang, Yujie Shang, Lingling Li, Fang Liu, and Wenping Ma
  • Few-Shot Private Object Localization via Support Token Matching
    Junwen Pan, Dawei Lu, Xin Wan, Rui Zhang, Kai Huang, and Qi She
  • Distilled Mobile ViT for VizWiz Few-Shot Challenge 2024
    Hyunhak Shin, Yongkeun Yun, Dohyung Kim, Jihoon Seo, and Kyusam Oh
  • Propose, Match, then Vote: Enhancing Robustness for Zero-shot Image Classification via Cross-modal Understanding
    Jialong Zuo, Hanyu Zhou, Dongyue Wu, Wenxiao Wu, Changxin Gao, and Nong Sang


Head shot of Danna Gurari

Danna Gurari
University of Colorado Boulder

Head shot of Jeffrey Bigham

Jeffrey Bigham
Carnegie Mellon University, Apple

Head shot of Ed Cutrell

Ed Cutrell

Head shot of Daniela Massiceti

Daniela Massiceti

Head shot of Everley Tseng

Everley Tseng (Yu-Yun Tseng)
University of Colorado Boulder

Head shot of Abigale Stangl

Abigale Stangl
Georgia Institute of Technology

Head shot ofJosh Myers-Dean

Josh Myers-Dean
University of Colorado Boulder

Head shot of Chongyan Chen

Chongyan Chen
University of Texas at Austin

Contact Us

For questions, comments, or feedback, please send them to Danna Gurari at danna.gurari@colorado.edu.


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