2022 VizWiz Grand Challenge Workshop


Our goal for this workshop is to educate researchers about the technological needs of people with vision impairments while empowering researchers to improve algorithms to meet these needs. A key component of this event will be to track progress on three dataset challenges, where the tasks are to answer visual questions and ground answers on images taken by people who are blind, and recognize objects in few-shot learning scenarios. Winners of these challenges will receive awards sponsored by Microsoft. The second key component of this event will be a discussion about current research and application issues, including by invited speakers from both academia and industry who will share about their experiences in building today’s state-­of-the-­art assistive technologies as well as designing next-generation tools.

Important Dates

  • Monday, February 7: challenge submissions announced
  • Friday, May 6 [9:00am Central Standard Time]: challenge submissions due
  • Friday, May 21 [5:59pm Central Standard Time]: extended abstracts due
  • Friday, May 28 [5:59pm Central Standard Time]: notification to authors about decisions for extended abstracts
  • Monday, June 20: all-day workshop


We invite two types of submissions:

Challenge Submissions

We invite submissions of results from algorithms for three tasks: the visual question answering challenge task, the answer grounding challenge and the few-shot object recognition challenge. We accept submissions for algorithms that are not published, currently under review, and already published. The teams with the top-performing submissions will be invited to give short talks during the workshop. The top two teams for the visual question answering and answer grounding challenges will receive financial awards sponsored by Microsoft:

      • 1rst place: $10,000 Microsoft Azure credit
      • 2nd place: $5,000 Microsoft Azure credit

Extended Abstracts

We invite submissions of extended abstracts on topics related to image captioning, visual question answering, visual grounding and assistive technologies for people with visual impairments. Papers must be at most two pages (with references) and follow the CVPR formatting guidelines using the provided author kit. Reviewing will be single-blind and accepted papers will be presented as posters. We will accept submissions on work that is not published, currently under review, and already published. There will be no proceedings. Please send your extended abstracts to workshop@vizwiz.org.

Please note that we will require all camera-ready content to be accessible via a screen reader. Given that making accessible PDFs and presentations may be a new process for some authors, we will host training sessions beforehand to both educate and assist all authors to succeed in making their content accessible. More details to come soon.



Event is being held in a hybrid manner. More details coming soon.


• 9:00-9:05: opening remarks
• 9:05-9:20: announcement of challenge winners
• 9:20-10:05 challenge winner talks
• 10:05-10:15: poster spotlight talks
• 10:15-11:15: poster session
• 11:15-12:00: lunch break
• 12:00-12:45: panel of blind tech advocates
• 12:45-1:30: panel of industry representatives
• 1:30-2:15: panel of computer vision researchers
• 2:15-2:30: break
• 2:30-3:15: interdisciplinary panel
• 3:15-4:00: interdisciplinary panel
• 4:00-4:45: interdisciplinary panel
• 4:45-5:00 closing remarks

Invited Speakers and Panelists:

A headshot of Marcus, a man with short brown hair, wearing a bright orange shirt, looking directly at the camera smiling

Marcus Rohrbach
Facebook AI Research

A photo of Stephanie, a woman with long brown hair wearing a grey suit, standing in front of the white house holding a white cane, looking directlynat the camera and smiling

Stephanie Enyart
Chief Public Policy & Research Officer, American Foundation for the Blind

Andrew Howard
Google AI

A photo of Anne, a woman with straight black hair, wearing a blue shirt, standing in a classroom, looking directly at the camera smiling

Anne Taylor
Manager, Microsoft

A headshot of James, a man with short brown hair wearing glasses and a dark shirt, standing outside, looking directly at the camera smiling

James Coughlan
Senior Scientist/ Coughlan Lab Director, Smith-Kettlewell

A headshot of Robin, a man with short brown hair wearing a red doctoral graduation robe and hat, smiling

Robin Christopherson
Head of Digital Inclusion,  AbilityNet

A black and white headshot showing the profile of Daniel, a white man with dark hair, sitting outside and looking at the camera smiling

Daniel Kish
President, World Access for the Blind

A headshot of Will, a man with short hair and a beard, wearing a button-up shirt and glasses, looking upwards, smiling

Will Butler
VP, Community, Be My Eyes

A headshot of Karthik, a man with short brown hair and a beard, wearing a dark blue sweater, looking directly at the camera smiling

Karthik Kannan
Founder and Chief Technology Offer, Envision

Poster List

Coming soon…


Danna Gurari
University of Colorado Boulder

Potrait picture of Jeffrey Bigham

Jeffrey Bigham
Carnegie Mellon University, Apple

Portrait picture of Ed Cutrell

Ed Cutrell

Portrait picture of Abigale Stangl

Abigale Stangl
University of Washington

Portrait picture of Samreen Anjum

Samreen Anjum
University of Colorado Boulder

Contact Us

For questions, comments, or feedback, please send them to Danna Gurari at danna.gurari@colorado.edu.


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